Divorce Financial Strategies

Divorce Financial Strategies

The financial decisions you make before, during and immediately after a divorce have life altering consequences. Before making these decisions, it is imperative that you have a solid understanding of: what your financial picture looks like, the possible options for asset division, and the consequences of each of those options. We are trained in assessing the unique financial aspects of divorce and assisting in the creation of equitable solutions.

In many marriages, one party will control all financial decisions, leaving the other without experience in the financial realm – and that lack of experience creates fear and uncertainty. At Polaris, we walk our clients step by step through their post-divorce financial plan to ensure that they emerge from their divorce with a strong understanding of their finances so that they can move forward with confidence. We educate our clients on what their financial picture will be after the separation or divorce agreement is finalized.

As a member of your divorce team, we provide all or part of the following services pre- and post-settlement, whether your divorce will be in litigation, mediation, and collaborative format.


Collection and organization of key documents, statements, and cash flow information
Lifestyle analysis
Projected needs analysis (budgeting, short and long-term cash flow needs)
Net Worth Statement and Financial Affidavit preparation
Review and analysis of corporate benefits, deferred compensation and pension plans, and stock options
Pension valuations
Insurance and Tax implications
Graphical illustration of short and long-term cash flow and net worth implications of all equitable distribution proposals


Assess the post-divorce financial reality, and provide education and counsel on how to plan for future financial success
Prepare Qualified Domestic Relations Order (QDRO) for requesting attorney

For more information, please visit www.divorceandQDRO.com

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